I made some Frosted Banana Cupcakes last night and brought them in for my summer school Health Class. It was our last day of class (thank goodness), so I decided to bake to celebrate! They turned out to be a huge hit. Everyone in class had 2 or 3 mini-cupcakes and one guy ended up having 6.

I chose to bring in Banana cupcakes because my teacher is crazy about being "healthy." Since there is yogurt (protein), golden raisins (fiber), and bananas (potassium), it counted as healthy. I decided not to mention the amount of sugar ;).

I had a fun time making this recipe. But I'll give you a tip. If you decide to make the frosting with 0% fat yogurt instead of whole milk, add some butter or shortening. Otherwise, the frosting will be way to runny and will spill everywhere.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

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