Today I made some Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies for my friend Elizabeth, who is Gluten-Free. The two of us have been great friends ever since we were five, so naturally I learned the ways of the gluten-free food. My favorite cookie is still the Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip made by Elizabeth and her mom (But unfortunately that recipe comes strait from a box so I couldn't post it here). As a matter a fact, this August is our ten-year anniversary of being friends. So I figured blogging about a recipe in honor of my very dear friend would be appropriate. 

Funny story: While I was making the cookies, I assumed that the cookies would remain about the same size as normal chocolate chip cookies. But this was my first time with the recipe, and I discovered that I was very much wrong. They grew to become these huge monster cookies you can buy in Jimmy Johns or Great Harvest. It was insane!!! All of the cookies expanded so that they were touching the other cookies. I ended up using a large strait spatula to cut along the vague outlines of each cookie in order to stop them from becoming one big gigantic cookie. It sure didn't stop them from tasting good though, that's for sure!

Check out this new recipe!!!!!

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