So I decided to try a brand new recipe today. I made some M&M Cookies for my little sister's cast party! She was doing Alice In Wonderland, so I figured cookies filled with crazy colors was the perfect way to spice up the party and make it sweet.

So I left the house and went to the grocery store to buy M&Ms and came home. But when I pulled out the bag, I realized that I had bought 4th of July colored M&Ms. There was only red, white, and blue colors!!!! But it was halfway through July, so I cannot possibly comprehend how I managed to not notice nor why the store had that bag out in the first place. So I ended up making 4th of July cookies on July 25. Lovely!

I also decided to half the recipe. It helped make it more manageable and a more proper size. In fact I barely had enough for the cast party. The one I left to take a picture of my dad ate. Hence why there is no final pictures. That's the problem with having a Dad who loves chocolate. NOTHING is safe!

The 4th of July M&Ms!

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