Just the other day some family friends of ours came in to town, so I decided to cook them up a fabulous feast. I started with the Fresh Basil Pesto and finished with the amazing Tiramisu. I recieved this recipe from my family's cooking lesson in Italy. This recipe was beyond amazing, though I do believe that the Lady Finger type cookies in Italy taste better than the ones here. The one I made by myself was good, but the one we made in Italy was still better. 

At the cooking lesson, our chef told us that the reason why Italian food is so much better is because none of it is genetically modified. Now this may or may not be true, but it is interesting to think about. I mean, our best american food is our hamburgers and hot dogs, and nobody wants to talk about where those come from (it's a bit gross). Maybe the reason why our food isn't as rich is because it is genetically modified. Who knows? It could just be an issue of climate or something. But as a chef, all should be aware that GM foods may not taste as good.

On the topic of the Tiramisu again, it was super fun to make. I did realize several things while cooking, though. First of all, don't try to whip the egg whites by hand. It takes forever. Instead, use an electronic mixer. Second, don't leave too much time between whipping the eggs and pouring in the sauce. If you do, the whites won't be as fluffy and it won't taste as good. Finally, don't use too much coffee on the lady fingers. The taste can become a bit overpowering!

Happy Eating!

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